How to reading scientific papers

STEP1: Choose the paper

  • Use tools such as Google Scholar.

STEP2: Survey the paper

  • Read the title and keywords

  • Read abstract and conclusions

    This step may take you less than 1 minute, but it is of great significance, through which you could get the point of how relevent it is to your research topic.

STEP3: Read the paper

  • Look at the tables and figures.

    Tables and figures are really what was done in the work. This does not take much time so it is worth reading before really getting into the details which will slow down the reading.

  • Read the introduction.

    This is the background needed and why the study was done.

  • Read the results and discussion.

    This is the heart of the paper, which occupis the most of the time reading the paper.

  • Read the experimental.

    This is how the authors did the work. You only get to this point if you are really interested and need to understand exactly what was done to better understand the meaning of the data and its interpretation.

STEP4: Making notes

  • Write some notes to make sure that you don’t have to reread the whole paper again. Do not write notes on the PDF of the paper,


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